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On this page you will find some links that I have found and that I believe you may benefit from using. Please investigate them at your own pleasure and convenience.

I am only getting started on this page and I hope to add more to it as I am able. You may, of course, choose to do a search under the topic of "trees" and find many other sites that are available on the World Wide Web.

Have a blessed journey.

Helpful Links
[What Tree Is It] This site is very helpful in identifying trees. It does not focus upon Kansas trees specifically, but it is nevertheless very helpful.
[Sedgwick County Extension Education Center] This site has the County Agricultural Extension Office. It is loaded with helpful information about trees and many other subjects. It also has many helpful links.
[Plants Adapted for Sedgwick County] This has listings of plants and trees that are preferred for their adaptation to Kansas and particularly South Central Kansas. These are the lists to check before selecting plants and trees to plant in this area.
[Sedgwick County, Kansas Recycling Guide] This site gives the names of local recylers and provides information on composting, mulching style mowing, etc.
[Proper Tree Trimming Does Not Include Topping Your Trees ] This site gives examples and reasons for avoiding a very common and tragic mistake in tree trimming. Many people have their trees ruined by poor pruning and trimming practices.
This site also has links to many other sources of information about trees, including some very lovely and helpful pictures.
[Kansas Arborists Association] This site provides information and articles concerning aboriculture in Kansas.
[International Society of Arboriculture] This site provides information and articles concerning aboriculture.
[United States Department of Agriculture] The United States Department of Agriculture.
[Wichita Weather Forecast] The Wichita Weather Forecasted by Intellicast Weather.
[Wichita Weather Forecast 2] The Wichita Weather Forecasted by the Weather Channel.
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